Love Coach and Relationship Strategist to launch new relationship guide on “11-11-11”

November 05 01:18 2019
ICU and heartbreak survivor turned relationship coach, Vasfie Besim, is set to launch her new book titled “The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Real Love Success,” where she provides readers with tools for attracting Mr. Right

Being heartbroken and restricted to the deathbed in ICU is almost imaginable. However, this was the case for Vasfie Besim – once a model/actress, who had a hell-on-earth emotional and physical experience, suffering from severe Liver failure, known as Wilsons Disease, this included severe swelling of her abdomen (think nine months pregnant-looking) in a week.

She was usually a size 6-8. Her physical appearance had dramatically changed. Her once peaches and cream complexion had now turned an ugly shade of jaundiced American mustard yellow, whites of the eyes included. She felt like a horror movie freak! As well as suffering from devastating hair loss, and being tragically copper poisoned as she scratched her skin in ICU until it bled, she lost her voice for three years too, after contracting pneumonia in ICU and suffering severe heartbreak and being tragically abandoned and neglected by a man she loved for almost a decade when she needed him most. He never came to her deathbed! Imagine that! Vasfie really did live hell on earth! However, she did not give up on her dream, and in line with her goals of never allowing another woman to go through a similar heartbreaking experience in love, she founded EPICLOVE Empire and is also set to release her new book titled “The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Real Love Success – How To Attract Your Mr Right.”

Love is a beautiful thing. However, the experience can only be enjoyed if the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, finding true love is not particularly easy, especially as one cannot ascertain how the other party feels. This is where Vasfie Besim is looking to make a difference, coming out of ICU to author a relationship guide titled “The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Real Love Success – How To Attract Your Mr Right.”

Everything about the book seems unique, particularly as it will be officially released on the 11th of the 11th at 11 am. The book contains information anyone can relate with, as the author chronicles her experience CRAWLING, CRYING, and DYING while on her deathbed as she waited for the supposed love of her life that never came to see her on her deathbed!

The book contains the secrets to finding real love, which Vasfie discovered the tragic way, and she details these tips in a way that every woman across the globe can understand, teaching readers that real love actually starts with self-love first!

In her words, “If you are crying more than you’re smiling, that is not love!” said Vasfie Besim.

As a Successful Love Coach, Author, Speaker and Relationship Strategist, Vasfie uses scientifically proven LOVE strategies and her personal experiences to provide people, particularly successful women who are unlucky and failing in love as well as those who have fallen in and out of love with tools to experience extraordinary love with the man of their dreams.

For more information about the much-anticipated book and other projects from Vasfie and the EPICLOVE™ Empire team, please visit – and Facebook.

About EPICLOVE™ Empire

EPICLOVE™ Empire was co-founded by Vasfie Besim, a Love Coach, Author, Speaker, and Relationship Strategist, with the primary aim of helping successful women overcome heartache, loss of identity, and lack of self-love so they can experience extraordinary love. The relationship solutions provider offers a wide range of services, including EPICLOVE™ Breakthrough Coaching Programs, EPCLOVE™ Workshops & Seminars and EPICLOVE™ Retreats to help Successful women reclaim their lives in love and learn how to experience extraordinary love with the man of their dreams!

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