Revolutionary Super Phone Stand & Grip, UGRIP, Smashes Kickstarter goal in under 4 hours

November 12 01:24 2019

UGRIP is a cutting-edge patented phone stand and grip that uses revolutionary micro-suction cups technology which does not leave users with sticky residues. The phone stand is the first one to prop up a phone in any viewing angle and any orientation.

Forget aching hands from holding mobile phones for hours. Forget bulky or ugly phone stands which are only limited to certain phone models. Canada-based Suras Technology has recently launched an innovative patented phone stand and grip on Kickstarter that will hold the phone for you and will cater to all models of mobile phones. Titled “UGRIP”, this versatile and stylish phone stand and grip is patented in the US, EU, Canada, China, Japan and more.

The campaign is geared to raise around $3,418 by December 6, 2019. Interestingly, the campaign has already reached 100% of its funding goal in under 4 hours, and is currently bustling with $5,114 funding amount.

The first-of-its-kind, UGRIP is a portable foldable phone stand and grip which can prop up a phone in any viewing angle and any orientation. It can be easily attached at the back of the phone while you are traveling with your mobile.  Unlike other phone grips that use chunky metal or plastic grips which cause harm to your fingers, UNGRIP uses medical-grade soft silicone rubber band which is comfortable and also doesn’t cause any stress on your fingers. You can easily change it from grip to stand mode when you would have to rest the phone on a surface to view it.

“There is no dearth of phone grips and stands around but they all come with certain compromises. Some of them are really bulky and disturb the overall look of your mobile handset. Moreover, you will hardly find any phone stand which works uniformly with all kinds of mobile phone models. Besides, some grips are so heavy that they leave you with unwanted injuries on your fingers. But not any more- our revolutionary and patented UGRIP will resolve all these woes for you here”, stated a leading spokesperson from Suras Technology.

“The star of UGRIP is its state-of-the-art Micro Suction Cups Technology. In fact, UGRIP is the sole phone grip in the world which is both harness and adhesive free which makes it a breeze to attach and detach. Unlike adhesive grips, it does not use any kind of glue which often leaves users with messy sticky residue. Besides, unlike regular phone grips that are mostly limited to some specific models, UGRIP can be used with any phone model.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson revealed that most of the existing bulky phone stands use brute force to hold phones which could be damaging for phone in long run. Besides, some stands are made of cheap plastics that are easily fragile. UGRIP beats all the existing phone stand and grip counterparts with its micro-suction cups that use friction force to hold your hone in place for hours. The suction cup pads enable the stand to sit tightly on a smooth surface which prevents the stand from moving. It ensures a strong footing for positioning the  mobile in different angles.

“One of the best advantages of UGRIP is that it’s the only phone stand and grip that allows users to adjust viewing angles of a mobile handset just the way they wish to. Whether you want to view your phone in landscape mode or portrait mode, with UGRIP, you can view your phone from any angle. None of the existent phone grips and stands can offer you this facility. UGRIP is just ‘the’ phone stand and grip that we all have been waiting. It will be your constant partner whether you are traveling, taking a coffee break or need to check a recipe tutorial while cooking.”

“We have already crossed the beta testing phase in flying colors and now looking for mass production. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring UGRIP to life and make it easier to carry and hold our mobile phones.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on UGRIP.

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