Building a new era of win-win and promoting the value of WEN Eco ecological application

November 12 18:42 2019

Blockchain, as a hot term of the current era, has been tagged as “financial scientific and technological innovation” since its birth. In the emerging enthusiasm of the ancients, countless people explored it, reborn in a detour, and also brilliant in the trend. After more than ten years of shuffling and precipitation, the real winner model is to return to the essence of the blockchain essence and explore the emerging model of the pass-through economy. The WEN Ecology bridges the real economy and the digital world, and realizes business value innovation through the combination of WEN ecology, physical industry and blockchain technology.

WEN Ecology visits organizations and communicates and reaches consensus, including International Blockchain Organization (IBO), Blockchain Certification Institute (BCI), World Consumers Association (WCA), and International One Belt one Road Infrastructure Chamber (IBORC), Chainchat, Coinopts, etc. The World Blockchain Technology And Fintech Foundation (WBTFF) serves as the WEN ecological “creator”, building ecological applications such as WEN Eco, WENI blockchain mall, Weni Quantification Analysis System, Wujie Shopping mall, Wujie IOT+ exchange, wujie chat, WENI coolwallet and other ecosystems, to build an ecological retreat, while the resources of all parties to achieve strategic cooperation, and constantly increase the flow pool port, community base, committed to the WEN ecological construction and growth.

As the first traffic port of WEN Ecology, WEN Eco is an HD multi-currency encrypted digital asset wallet that links the digital asset ecosystem. While docking the digital asset trading platform, users can access digital assets anytime and anywhere. Safe and fast. At the same time, WEN Eco’s innovative wealth management function has realized the self-circulation of digital assets.

WEN Ecology joins the Blockchain Certification Institute (BCI) to build a professional talent pool of blockchain industry, solve the pain points of talent training, and weaken the resistance of the economic operation of the pass. Jointly promote the application of the blockchain to develop an ecological network, and promote the diversified development of blockchain technology with the principles of safety, openness, advancement and scalability.

The International Blockchain Organization (IBO) and WEN Ecology will jointly build a healthy and healthy blockchain operating environment, explore the concept of blockchain policy research and promotion of blockchain R&D, implement application and promote the impact of the Science and Technology Bureau in the international arena. To promote the development of healthy health in the blockchain.

At the same time, WEN Ecology invites the MAJLIS TINDAKAN PENGGUNA NEGARA (MTPN) and the World Consumers Association to supervise every aspect of WEN’s ecological construction, protect and unite the interests of consumers and consumers around the world, and master new industry policies. Continuously improve and promote various consumer regulations and regulations.

As one of the nodes in WEN’s ecological construction, Wujie Shopping mall has explored and shaped a new business model in the latest technology blockchain, and is committed to building blockchain technology and creating new value for business economy. Layout seven major sectors, including wujieex + public chain, multi-mode e-commerce, wujie ecology – blockchain e-commerce, Wujieex+cloud exchange, wujie chat, Wujie digital banking, Wujie incubator, Wujie digital wallet. At the same time,wujieex joined forces with the seven major sectors to launch a new era of commercial economy.

In the future, it will be an era in which technology and business are integrated and co-exist. With its outstanding advantages, WEN Ecology integrates into multiple institutions and is guided by globalization to build ecological integrity.

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