Closely Guarded Secrets of a Professional Stock Market Trader

January 06 09:24 2021
How to invest in the Stock Market with Confidence.

In a world of financial uncertainty, there are very few skills more important than understanding how to sensibly invest and grow cash. However, cash can’t be grown in its current format because interest rates on deposit accounts have been close to zero for several years and likely to stay low for years to come. Therefore, it’s important to learn about other asset classes, the question is which one?

Statistically the stock market has outperformed all other asset classes over the past 100 years including real estate. Therefore, it would make sense to become proficient in this one asset above all others.

The good news is that there are a small but growing number of professional traders around the world who are for the first time beginning to share their investment strategies to the wider public. This was unheard of prior to the financial crash of 2008 where investment bankers were known for their greed and secretive trading books.

But the world has changed. Increased regulation from authorities has forced greater transparency and with it a new generation of professional fund managers and wealth managers has emerged. A higher moral compass and way of doing business has emerged amongst some professional firms, which have begun to openly welcome private investors into their circle.

This means that there has been a steady transfer of knowledge from professionals to amateurs, and with that a slow but steady transfer of wealth. More and more inexperienced investors are learning to make a full time living in the stock market and with the continued expansion and growth of the internet and online education, it’s never been easier to acquire valuable information and develop new skills.

One individual who runs his own regulated stock broking firm and has recently disclosed several portfolio management tips to retail investors is professional investment manager Ranjeet Singh. With a verifiable track-record in the City of London spanning over two decades he’s personally been responsible for the management of more than a hundred million pounds across thousands of private client share portfolios.

His most recent book, the Dividend Income Plus (DIP), is a revelation because it not only discloses in detail one of the most successful strategies that he uses, but moreover it demonstrates how easy it is for even novice investors to replicate it.

If the DIP strategy is even half as good as it sounds, it may turn out to be a game-changer for anybody who takes the time to learn and implement it.

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