titroo App Brings an Innovative Nutrition System to Users Across the World

July 19 17:21 2021

titroo is the next generation of nutrition, allowing users to track their diet, balance their nutrition, and reach their goals. Available on the App Store and theGoogle Play Store.

As the world has become more and more digitized, the number of nutrition apps has grown. Many of these apps may include fad diets, promise impossible results, and generally hinder users’ health journeys rather than helping them. titroo helps to address these issues by creating a nutrition app that is simple, filters out misleading information and makes balancing nutrition easy for users.

One of the many advantages of the titroo app is its flexibility, allowing users to create their own nutrition logs and plans based on their needs. Every person’s needs are different, and titroo’s system is built around recognizing and appreciating that diversity. The app runs on the motto “All food can be part of our diet, from the sweetest temptation to the so-called superfoods.”

titroo is free to download and includes many helpful features in its free version. Without any payment, users can access the app’s entire database, allowing them to monitor any nutrition element. The app includes a barcode scanner to get data for commercial products and options to add missing foods and create any meal or recipe entry. In addition, users can set nutritional and caloric targets and use various analytics to understand how their diet contributes to their health and what can be improved.

“Excellent app! Maybe the best app for diet and nutrition,” said user Labros Souliotis.

The app also includes a Pro version, which gives users access to an ad-free experience, as well as diet printouts, notes in their calendars, and a dark mode. The app is easily accessible and allows users to find the nutrition balance that is perfect for them.

More information on titroo can be found on the titroo website.

The app is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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