Swap Of All Swaps, Swapabee Is A Green Project Management GPM Oriented Initiative.

January 16 19:20 2023
The barter system of the 21st-century, swap products on the Swapabee application and play a role in reducing, reusing, and recycling for a happier planet.

UK – 16 January, 2023 – Swapabee is an application that allows users to swap products with other potential products. The application has made headlines for exchanging a car for a boat in America. They recently launched their website after the successful launch of the application which in a short span of time has thousands of users with an increasing number of sign-ups every day.

Available for Android and Apple users, the concept and need for an application like Swapabee came from the rising inflation due to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, which left many unemployed, businesses forced to shut, and the crippling economies which are taking a toll on every faction of society. The fuel and energy crisis-stricken Europe is witnessing the worst ever inflation rate since globalization. The rise in Global Warming has exacerbated the whole situation with no significant success of the Paris Agreement of 2017. The Swapabee initiative has come as a step towards reducing consumption, recycling, and reusing things to minimize waste production. It implies the standing operating procedures of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Goal 12 of UN SDGs emphasizes the need for calculated consumption and production of things. The shrinking ecological footprint at an accelerated pace is alarming for all and the whopping 8 Billion population mark has been crossed, which has left many scratching their heads. Swapabee, the application aims to play a role in sustaining the earth’s resources and promoting a healthier green environment for which it saves the planet 18 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each month which is expected to increase due to the massive interest of people who have appreciated the efforts of makers of this revolutionary application.

Swapabee has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-sign-up instructions; the multiple language options allow users to pick and choose the language of their proficiency. The three steps product-sharing procedure will share the product within minutes on the platform, which is matched with other exchangeable products. The application offers complete privacy, safety, and security to the users, allowing them to communicate directly with the people and decide if the product is swappable. Watch the complete tutorial here.

The swappable products are chosen through ultra-modern software, which algorithmically generates a list of products matching the user’s product value, depreciation, and requirement. It also allows users to filter out according to their needs and requirements. The newly launched website has a blog spreading awareness about the need for environmental preservation and the promotion of sustainable development. Read more about it at https://swapabee.com. The @trademeproject did a detailed video of the benefits of using the application, which crosses 4.5 Million + on the internet. 

‘Swapabee is the swapping Tinder! We all remember how boring and useless dating sites were before Tinder’s revolutionary machine learning matching algorithm, don’t we? Consider sitting at home and seeing an old PlayStation game, phone, or bag. Taking a photo of it and swiping left or right to find an appropriate swap.’ — Developers of Swapabee.

For more details and information, visit their website. For readers who still need to sign up, visit https://swapabee.co.uk. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with https://swapabee.ch/contact-us.

About Swappable

Swapabee is an initiative with a cause to preserve the environment and reduce waste. The swap application provides a platform for users to exchange products. Swapabee visions a happier, greener, and healthier planet earth and is promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to be achieved by 2030.

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