Dyamin Harris to start her non-profit organization to combat sexual abuse

September 25 18:30 2019
Vlogger, social media influencer, and girlfriend to famous Chicago rapper Bandman Kevo, Dyamin Harris, funds a non-profit to help sexually-abused children

Dyamin Harris is a YouTuber and social media celebrity that has continued to work hard on her career, growing her fanbase online, particularly on YouTube and Instagram. More importantly, the beautiful Dyamin Harris has demonstrated her loyalty, holding down her hearthrob, the talented Bandman Kevo, while he was locked up in prison. Dyamin is probably having the best time of her life as she expects a new baby with the Chicago-based rapper while living her dream to help sexually-abused children as she starts her non-profit.

Dyamin Harris has stood her ground and weather the storm to become one of the fastest-growing influencers and celebrities online. Currently with more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram, the social media celebrity defied all odds to overcome the obstacles life threw at her, including being molested at age 5, to become successful in her career. Dyamin currently works for Bandklan ENT, the same record label with her boyfriend, Bandman Kevo. She is the A&R for the label, responsible for talent scouting and the artistic and commercial development of the recording artist.

Dyamin Harris has shown that she is an amazing combination of beauty and brains, as she plans to start her non-profit organization. As a victim of sexual molestation at the tender age of 5, Dyamin knows what the trauma feels like. She lived with the nightmare until age 11 when her molester was convicted and charged in the early 2000s. Dyamin aims to help children in a similar situation overcome the trauma as early as possible, while putting all efforts in place to curb the incidence of sexual assault.

Dyamin currently has more than 2 thousand subscribers on YouTube with her diverse posts covering subjects such as lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. As a self-acclaimed foodie, she regularly posts food recipes and images as well as videos on different foods on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Over the years, Dyamin has worked with several big names in the entertainment industry, with very famous people such as Blove following her on Instagram and YouTube. This can be largely attributed to the excellent solutions to delivers and the support from her better half, Bandman Kevo.

Bandman Kevo is a famous Chicago rapper Bandman Kevo who was sentenced to 33months in federal prison. Otherwise known as Kevin Ford, Bandman Kevo pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud back in 2016 and was released in March 2019 after serving 22 months.

For information about Dyamin Harris and her fantastic posts, please visit her pages on Instagram and YouTube.

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