China Smart Home Market will be US$ 37 Billion by 2025

October 03 11:58 2019
China Smart Home Market will be US$ 37 Billion by 2025

China Smart Home Market will be US$ 37 Billion by 2025.
A home is defined as where appliances and devices are controlled via a smartphone application or web portal as user interface devices connected through the internet. Smart home systems, includes lighting control systems, security systems, entertainment systems (audio and video), home appliances, and others; and smart home devices, including speakers, in particular, are some of the most substantial segments of the smart home market.

According to Renub Research market research report titled “China Smart Home Market, Numbers, and Penetration by (Energy Management, Comfort and Lighting, Home Entertainment, Control and Connectivity, Security and Smart Appliances) Company Analysis” China Smart Home Market will be US$ 37 Billion by 2025. With the introduction of favorable policies and the Internet of things, China smart home will get a lot of strength.


These are some reason that will take China Smart Home Market far ahead; Rapid growth of smart phones and smart gadgets in China, Giving importance to smart home in 12th Five Year Plan, A good initiative of the government regarding urbanization, the rapid growth of urban population in China, Big companies in China are working on a smart home project, Public-private partnerships and large corporate investments will take China smart home far ahead, Internet penetration increased rapidly, Rapidly increasing disposable income of middle class population in China, Increased awareness of public towards carbon emission and energy efficient products. Safety, security and convenience are the three core reasons which will take China smart home forward in forecast period.


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In the smart home, we can control appliances and devices by smart phone applications and web portals that are connected to the internet. Smart home comes with many things like lighting control system, security system, entertainment system, home appliances and more. After the popularity of smart phones, people are trending on smart devices and smart systems to make their lives comfortable and better.

Market Summary:

By Product Category: In this report, Smart Home Market is divided into 6 parts on product category basis, including Control and Connectivity System, Comfort and Lighting, Home Entertainment, Smart Appliances, Energy Management and Security. Apart from the market, information about Household Penetration and number has also mentioned in this report.

By Companies: In this report, we have demonstrated the market dynamics and competitive landscape in much better way. A total of 9 companies are included in this report, which makes Smart Home related products. In addition, funding has been talked about, recent development has been talked about, China Smart City pilot project has been discussed in the report, financing has been talked about, and standard government role has been covered in the report.


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Key Topics Covered :

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. China Smart Home Market Analysis to 2025

    4.1 China Smart Home Market
    4.2 Household Penetration
    4.3 Active Household Number

5. Market Share – China Smart Home Analysis to 2025

    5.1 Market Share – By Application
    5.2 Smart Home Active Households Share – By Application
    5.3 Households Penetration – By Application

6. Application – China Smart Home Market, Number of Active Households & Households Penetration

    6.1 Energy Management
    6.2 Comfort and Lighting
    6.3 Home Entertainment
    6.4 Control and Connectivity
    6.5 Security
    6.6 Smart Appliances

7. China Smart Home Market Funding
8. Recent Development – China Smart Home Market

    8.1 China Smart City Pilot Projects and Financing
    8.2 Smart City Financing in China

9. Policies, Trends and Standards & Government Role – China IoT / Smart Homes Market

    9.1 China IoT / Smart Homes Policies
    9.2 China IoT Trends and Standards
    9.3 Government’s Pivotal Role in China IoT Market

10. Company Analysis

      10.1 Chuango Security Technology Corp
      10.2 Heiman Co., Limited
      10.3 Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd
      10.4 Hisense Co. Ltd
      10.5 Xiaomi Inc
      10.6 Alibaba Group
      10.8 Baidu
      10.9 Haier

11. Driving Factors

      11.1 Policies & Initiatives Driving Smart Homes
      11.2 IoT Drives Smart Home Market
      11.3 Cost Savings Due to the Adoption of Energy Conservation Systems
      11.4 Increasing Urbanization & Growing Awareness for Smart Home Technology
      11.5 Development of Connected Innovative Products
      11.6 Tech-Savvy Chinese Consumers

12. Challenges

      12.1 Security and Privacy Breach Concern
      12.2 Cyber Security Concerns
      12.3 Lack of Standardization & Inter-Operability

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