1mpressions, the Open Social Media App, Launched to Disrupt Content Creation and Sharing

October 28 17:36 2019

October 28, 2019 – Today, content is everywhere, and with social media, we are both content creators and consumers. Since social media opens up only select streams of content based on user profiles and factors, the need today is for a platform that is fluid, unlimited, and without conventional restrictions and barriers. That’s what the team behind 1mpressions has set out to accomplish!

1mpressions (pronounced just like ‘impressions’) is a new social media platform developed by a small team in Toronto, Ontario, but vastly unlike any other on the market. 1mpressions removes the usual barriers or walls that exist between users and their content, and gives a powerful boost to new content and media creation. This ultimately leads to an environment where users can be themselves online.

“Our goal at 1mpressions is to create a new avenue for people to “participate” in sharing content: removing “social” barriers while enhancing “media” creation,” says Luke Lu of 1mpressions.

Not a day passes by when we and many others put out content only to take it down moments later. There is a lowly feeling when few like or share a post. And sometimes, we do not make the post at all because we think others won’t enjoy it.

1mpressions works like a gallery, where any user can display their unique creation, content, art or media. They can use text, images, videos, or links and a combination of these.

“All content mediums, open audiences, and optimized content delivery. Using machine learning, we direct content towards their desired audience. 1mpressions was developed and designed in-house. Our aim: Disrupting the way we create and consume content by removing barriers,” says Toby Xia of 1mpressions.

Another major change that users will like is that 1mpressions doesn’t have the conventional profile, list of friends or public metrics such as likes and shares. It means true freedom for content creators.

The 1mpressions gallery presents unique content to all users based on their tastes.  Powered by a set of algorithms and machine learning, all users get to see what they like and love. The gallery also evolves and adapts to the content consumed by users.

1mpressions began as an offshoot of another big machine learning project still under wraps, and revolved around the simple idea of connecting people based on interests. Today, it aims to disrupt the buzzing field of online content.

1mpressions will be launching their iOS application by the end of October and their Android application in Q1 2020.

For more information, please visit: www.1mpressions.com

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