28tutor.com bridges the gap between parents, tutors in Hong Kong

October 29 11:00 2019
Innovative tutor agency, 28tutor, helping students at different levels to get the best possible schooling by matching parents with certified tutors across different subjects

28tutor has continued in their goal of making premium quality education easily accessible to millions of students in different parts of Hong Kong by creating a platform that bridges the gap between qualified tutors and parents of students. The agency’s innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of students and ensure that they make progress in the pursuit of their respective educational goals have helped 28tutor to increase in popularity with parents in Hong Kong.

Education is important to the development of any society. With the smallest unit of the community being the family, it has become imperative for parents to pay the utmost attention to the proper education of their children. Consequently, parents across the globe tend to spend the last of their resources to ensure that their kids get the best possible education. Unfortunately, the relatively expensive nature of many educational services providers has made it somewhat difficult for some students to live their dreams of getting a quality education. 28tutor is, however, working on changing this narrative by creating an opportunity for parents to give their wards quality education that meets the needs of the students without requiring the parents to break the bank.

28tutor has tutors across different disciplines, handling a plethora of subjects from elementary school to general Secondary school, science, business specialist knowledge. The goal of the agency is to help Hong Kong students to develop knowledge and test skills while taking care of everything in between. The innovative approach adopted by 28tutor offers flexibility in tutoring time to meet the needs of the students.

The center uniquely combines affordability with quality, charging high referral fee often imposed by other tutorial centers. 28tutor also uses the manual point-to-point approach in line with the agency’s goal of making quality education convenient and easily accessible to students. The approach adopted by the center does not only ensure that students get the best possible learning, but also makes it faster and easier for students to learn in a conducive environment.

28tutor is an all-round education and development tutor agency, providing students with mentors to guide them through their career path while giving the liberty to students and parents to search for the tutor that suits their needs.

For more information about 28tutor and the fantastic tutor agency solutions offered, please visit – https://28tutor.com/ and Instagram.

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