When Choosing a Toronto Wedding Venue, Make Sure It’s Photogenic

January 22 20:14 2020

Having a super-cool wedding venue in Toronto that allows maximum stylizing for all those photo opportunities doesn’t need to cost huge amounts. Pop-up wedding venues that create a temporary venue that can be dismantled afterwards have enjoyed some success in downtown Toronto, offering a cost-effective approach that nevertheless allowed the couple to shape the overall theme and appearance of the day exactly how they wanted.

When choosing the right wedding venue in Toronto, a number of factors must be considered. As well as the ease of access for the couple, their families and all the guests, the venue must be attractive and comfortable – not just to enjoy the day itself, but to also ensure all the memories captured from the day are as special as can be. This means any Toronto wedding venue must be photo-friendly.

Why your Toronto wedding venue needs to be photogenic

While the wedding photographer is a classic staple of most weddings, it is easy to take their role for granted. Any serious professional needs to have the right tools for the job and this includes a sufficient level of natural light, a generous amount of space and photogenic surroundings and architecture. This ensures those post-wedding photos come out looking as powerful and reflective of the day as possible.

Mango Studios, a professional photography studio based in Toronto, has used these criteria to recommend its top five wedding venues in Toronto. Its choices range from venues with generous natural light and cosy, intimate environments, to those with special design elements such as white and gold colouring. All these features look great in photos and maximize the chances of beautiful post-wedding photography.

“The right Toronto wedding venue will also ideally have a wide variety of potential photography locations,” says a spokesperson for Mango Studios. “This will enable the photographer to really get the most out of a single venue. Venues with unusual, interesting vibes also give a photographer plenty to work with, such as an industrial look that conveys a story of the venue’s past.

“If the venue is close to city landmarks that also offer great photo opportunities, then even better. Toronto in particular has some excellent locations such as the university and the Royal Ontario Museum, which offer fascinating and dramatic backdrops to any wedding photo.”

Going green with an eco-friendly wedding venue

But the right wedding venue in Toronto isn’t just about how it looks. With environmental issues at the top of many people’s agenda these days, an eco-friendly wedding venue helps happy couples align their green values with the celebrations of the day. Cutting down on waste while also utilizing environmentally friendly initiatives such as energy-saving lighting, recycled products and water-conserving plumbing means that couples and their guests can party away with clear consciences.

This eco-friendly approach doesn’t mean compromises on the look and feel of the wedding venue either – energy-saving lighting can come in a range of styles and colours, and there is also the option of candlelight for the ultimate romantic, moody atmosphere while having zero impact on the environment.

About Mango Studios

Mango Studios is a Toronto-based photography studio that has provided a range of professional shoots since 2004. They offer a number of professional photography services and recommend photogenic Toronto wedding venues on their website wedding blog section.

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