UTIX, An E-Ticketing Blockchain Platform, Announces The Listing Of Bond On London Stock Exchange

April 06 14:33 2021
UTIX, a decentralized event hosting and e-ticketing platform will list the London Stock Exchange bonds to raise the capital for the ticketing products.

UTIX is an e-ticketing platform powered by Blockchain and recently announced the digital bond’s listing on the London Stock Exchange. It is also the first Blockchain platform to host events and uses smart contracts to bring control into the hands of the community.

This new platform provides the power to event organizers and users to sell or buy tickets. Moreover, it eliminates the need for scalpers to control the secondary market and stop the buying and selling fraudulent tickets.

While discussing this new concept, Max Mayhew, Co-Founder at UTIX, said, “Our renowned e-ticketing platform has empowered the event organizing and ticketing distribution to the users. We will be holding an in-person and an online event whereby we will be answering the questions regarding our VFA process, listing process, the future of Blockchain technology, and the listing of our bond on the UK’s London Stock Exchange. The idea is to enlighten the community associated with us to acknowledge that we stay in line and keep updated with the prevalent market regulations.”

UTIX has announced the listing of the digital bond to raise additional capital to support its ticketing products. The first phase of the e-ticketing product market of UTIX is already complete. With the latest technology, the company will put the power back into the hands of organizers and users. Through the Android and iOS apps, the users can quickly purchase the e-ticket of any event. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the forged ticket since the technology will confirm the validity while they are buying. 

UTIX also provides loyalty tokens to the investors when they invest Ethereum in UTIX’s projects. Even it will be applying to MFSA for the VFA Regulation to trade and exchange the VFA assets. UTIX is the first e-ticketing platform powered by Blockchain to stop fraudulent buying and selling of event tickets.

About UTIX

UTIX is a decentralized event hosting and e-ticketing platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring control into the hands of the community. It will soon be launching its digital bond on LSE. The users can get more details at https://utix.co.uk/

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