Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum Got a Major Price Cut

June 03 21:36 2021

Having a robot vacuum is great except for the constant dust bin emptying. By ‘constant,’ this means ‘after every run.’ In case people didn’t know, the suction power of the robot drops as the waste stacks up in the dust bin. But self-empty robot vacuum puts an end to the hand emptying or suction loss dilemma.

Today’s best pick is $399 Lydsto R1, one of the lowest-cost self-empty robot vacuum in the market. In addition to the low price, it’s got a 10% discount plus a $40 OFF code. 

Many Self-empty Robot Vacuum Models Are Over-priced 

The reason why some models, like the $1,500 Roomba, hit whopping prices is simple: many brands are over-pricing the product under the camouflage of novelty. People are willing to pay more for new stuff, whether it’s smartphones or sneakers. But let’s ask a pragmatic question, are we really paying for tech or just some marketing gimmicks?

Lydsto, on the other hand, is a technology-centered robovac company. Lyndsto cuts the overprice with its exclusive technologies and by delivering products directly from the factory to customers. 

All that being said, some people may still wonder, does the $319.1 (with promotion code) robot work properly?

Quality Doesn’t Always Come at a Price

Even at a significantly lower price, Lydsto R1 is a powerful robot-dust collector combo.

The robot is more robust than most competitors when it comes to suction power: 2,700pa that easily picks up dust and debris embedded in carpets. Moreover, with the 5,200mAh battery, it can run up to 150 minutes at a go. As for the self-empty performance, Lydsto R1 is one of the most trustworthy with its 30,000pa dust collecting suction and 430mm short air duct.

It’s also worth mention that all the waste is collected into a 3 liter enclosed dust bag, only need to change it every month or so, without even laying eyes on the waste inside.

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Original price: $399.00
Coupon: $40.00 OFF
Final price: $319.10

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