Skryptic, One Of The Best Escape Game In Montpellier, Is Reopening On June 11

June 10 09:09 2021
Skryptic Offers An Immersive And High-Tech Escape Game Experience In Montpellier.

The escape room game is a new form of entertainment that has become very popular in recent years. Inspired by the “escape-the-room” – “point and click” style video games, it offers a mix of intellectual challenges, teamwork, and adrenaline to those who love mystery-solving games. One such place where you can have the experience is Skryptic, an escape room in Montpellier, France, that offers exciting escape games in ultra-realistic settings created by theatre professionals and engineers.

Skryptic is loved by its fans. Taken from their Google My Business reviews, here are some testimonials: “It was incredible!” – “This room was more fun than I expected it would be…” – “I recommend it to everyone… It’s intense but very well done!” – “…it felt like we were part of the story.” 

Currently, they offer 3 different escape games:

  1. Spy Escape Game: Bunker – The Last Spy
  2. Medieval Escape Game – The Dragon Slayer
  3. Mystical Escape Game – Prestige

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Why Choose Skryptic?

Immersive worlds, designed in collaboration with professionals from theater and cinema

Behind the inspiring sets and detailed scenes of Skryptic escape games is the support of cinema, theater, and engineering professionals. Players have 60 minutes to explore their surroundings for clues, track down secret passages, solve puzzles and complete their mission with friends or family.

A scenario oriented towards puzzles and original manipulations

The basic principle for the rooms is to solve puzzles through reasoning. Players are challenged by a series of puzzles and secret passages that they must find and solve in order to complete their mission. This type of game requires no physical contact or dexterity, so it’s accessible for all levels and ages from 8 years old.

Original, ingenious mechanisms in every adventure

Each of Skryptic escape games has original, ingenious mechanisms that make it a real challenge for players. “For one example, in Bunker: The Last Spy, you’re given 60 minutes to flawlessly complete your objective by downloading vital data from Vladimir’s bunker and escaping. You should hurry because the FSB — KGB’s successor — will be there shortly”, says Oleg, co-founder of Skryptic.

No chain of coded locks, puzzles oriented towards actions and manipulation of objects 

At Skryptic escape games, players are not limited to a succession of codes and of locks. They actively solve puzzles and manipulate objects and mechanisms to progress through different rooms full of secrets and surprises. 

A warm welcome and dedicated support from Game Master for your Success

You will not be left alone to solve the puzzle, but you will receive help to solve the mystery if needed and each room is monitored with camera to ensure your safety. Get more details from their site,

About Skryptic

Designed by cinematographic, theatrical, and engineering professionals, Skryptic is located at the heart of Montpellier, each chamber is unique in its complexity and suspense. Each room is available for teams of 2 – 6 people.

Call +33 6 20 09 23 71 to check on their schedule. 


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Address:10, rue du bras de Fer
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