A Simple Understanding of Stainless Steel Manifolds

June 28 07:32 2021

Life, there are a lot of equipment are indispensable, manifold plays a huge role, the manifold material has a lot of kinds, stainless steel manifold is one of the more widely the application scope of, a lot of people don’t know the stainless steel water segregator, small make up today is to introduce some knowledge about stainless steel water segregator, let everybody have simple knowledge of stainless steel water segregator.

mixing system Stainless steel manifold is widely used in water pipeline projects, new residential direct drinking water projects and industrial and civil buildings, hotels and public buildings, family decoration, heating supply and other water supply systems. Stainless steel manifold with clean and sanitary stainless steel pipe instead of the traditional iron, carbon steel, copper type manifold. It can reduce the joint, save the material and keep the water source clean and sanitary. Stainless steel manifold from ¢30-¢150 (DN25-DN150), inlet interface G1/2-G5 inch (DN15-DN150), water outlet from G1/2-G5 inch (DN15-DN150), the number of water outlet joints can be customized according to customer requirements. Stainless steel manifold is the water system, used to connect the heating pipe supply, backwater distribution, water collection device. Stainless steel manifold used in floor heating and air conditioning system should be made of brass. Stainless steel manifold used in household meter transformation of tap water supply system is mostly made of PP or PE.

Generally, stainless steel manifold is mainly composed of stainless steel manifold, water collector

and fixed bracket three parts. The role of stainless steel manifold is to separate the heat source and hot water into each road of the ground radiation heating laid in the pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of room heating and temperature regulation. And the water collector is to separate the heat dissipation of each way in the low temperature water together, and fixed to the wall or ground function.

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