Integrative Practice Solutions Introduces Renowned Physician Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. as Medical Director

October 13 20:24 2021
Integrative Practice Solutions Introduces Renowned Physician Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. as Medical Director
Integrative Practice Solutions is proud to announce that Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. is joining their organizations as Medical Director. An early business partner of the founder & CEO, Dr. McGrath co-developed the initial clinical protocols that have further evolved into the current patented Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocolâ„¢ (AARP).

Tampa, Florida – October 13th, 2021 – Dr. Robert McGrath, D.O. has been named the new Medical Director of Integrative Practice Solutions (IPS). He brings over 40 years of experience in the medical field, twenty of which have been involved in viscosupplementation, pain management, and emerging non-surgical medical technologies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Because of this extensive experience and firsthand clinical knowledge, Dr. McGrath will be a tremendous resource to answer clinical questions and concerns, as well as to provide a “peer” perspective for other medical professionals seeking advice and guidance on how to mitigate and cure their patients’ degenerative musculoskeletal conditions without the use of prescription drugs or invasive surgical procedures. Roughly two decades ago, Dr. McGrath attended a medical conference with his son, at which they were attempting to treat several osteoarthritic patients, specifically osteoarthritis of the knee with hyaluronic acid injections known as viscosupplementation. This procedure had been around for many years, but after this conference, Dr. McGrath and his son decided that they could take viscosupplementation to the next level and make it their own.

The treatment evolution began with the addition of fluoroscopic guidance to ensure positive needle placement as The American Journal of Sports Medicine states up to 21% of intra-articular knee injections fail to reach the joint capsule1 Next a rehabilitative exercise protocol was devised to reduce ligament laxity and increase stability of the joint. Finally, an unloading knee brace was utilized to increase the Tibia Femoral joint space, reducing friction, and blunting further mechanical loss of cartilage within the joint. With the additional development and marketing assistance of now CEO and President Lance Liberti, they collected over $3 million dollars within their first year offering this treatment option to local patients in southern New Jersey.

Their success continued to grow due to high efficacy rates and radiological evidence that proved the regenerative procedure could abate further degeneration of the joint, and even reverse the negative physiological effects of osteoarthritis on the knee joint. That’s why Dr. McGrath is proud to represent Integrative Practice Solutions as Medical Director, so that the company may educate more potential providers of the benefits the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ (AARP) can provide to their patients, as well as their practices’ bottom-line profits.

“Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field, and with so much new information entering the marketplace constantly, it is often difficult for physicians and healthcare providers to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest advancements in their area of clinical practice.” Says, Lance Liberti, CEO & founder of IPS. “That’s why it is important to engage with innovators and visionaries within the field such as Dr. McGrath, so that as a company you can always stay attuned to the provider’s perspective and offer peer-to-peer resources that can be easily accessed to disseminate relevant information throughout the medical community within our nation’s healthcare system. It is both an honor and a privilege to be able to work with Dr. McGrath and collaborate in this effort to ensure primary care providers and specialists are aware that oral NSAIDs, prescription pain medications, cortisone injections, and invasive surgical procedures are no longer the only option for their patient’s suffering with Osteoarthritis of the knee(s). There is a better way, and who better to show other physicians and healthcare providers that path than the man who first walked it himself?”

To learn more about this revolutionary non-surgical, drug free treatment alternative, and if it may be the right solution for your patients suffering from Osteoarthritis of the Knee(s), please visit this registration page to schedule an educational introductory webinar or call (855) 854-6332 today!

Integrative Practice Solution provides clinics with the resources needed to help their patients delay or prevent the need for surgery with The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ (AARP Program). This non-surgical approach to the treatment of knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis includes a combination of non-surgical intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections, specialized unloading knee bracing and a comprehensive home exercise program. This approach has been shown to produce significantly greater clinical outcomes and enhance practice revenue, without the need for often addictive prescriptive drugs, or risky surgical procedures. 

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Source: Am J Sports Med. 2011 Mar; 39(3):656-62. doi: 10.1177/0363546510390610. PeHUB 2011 Jan 21.

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