GEB DAO creates the world’s forestry carbon neutral governance public chain

July 28 17:30 2022
GEB DAO creates the world’s forestry carbon neutral governance public chain

With the continuous deterioration of the global environment, there is the ever-growing global concern for the natural environment. In the future, light energy, energy saving and environmental protection, carbon neutral, three of them will become the next wave of trend. In face of this opportunity, the ocean carbon sink, grassland carbon sink, forestry carbon sink are created, and the issuance of GEB as a governance pass will solve the problems concerning global natural eco-environment.

Background of carbon neutral development.

According to the authoritative announcement, the per capita carbon emission of the United States reaches 4.4 tons, and that of China is 2 tons. China is expected to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060, while the U.S. and EU have already peaked carbon and are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The future of the world will be from the gold era, to the black gold era, and then to the carbon gold era. The market cap of the entire global market is expected to reach trillions of blue ocean market.

Carbon sink products cover forestry, ocean, and grassland, among which forestry carbon sink is the subject of carbon offsetting recognized by the global carbon market. China will invest more than 250 trillion dollars to achieve carbon neutrality; all major countries in the world are laying out to invest a large amount of funds to achieve the global carbon neutrality goal; ocean carbon sink, grassland carbon sink, forestry carbon sink include quota offset, carbon neutrality, poverty alleviation through carbon sink, carbon finance, carbon trading. The value of the three carbon sink products will be immeasurable with their involvement in various industry sectors around the world.

What is the role of forestry carbon sink?

Under such a large blue ocean market, forestry carbon sink will pioneer the integration of carbon resources in China. In the resource integration, the forestry and grass departments, carbon sink developers, forest rights owners, carbon sink buyers and carbon fund institutions are linked together; in the development of carbon sink, the development team is organized by itself to carry out the work; in carbon sink management, forestry carbon sink will be entrusted to manage carbon assets in key emission control enterprises like paper manufacturing and metallurgy industries and provide trading services of carbon sink and carbon quota; in carbon sink, consulting services are provided to forest and grass owners and customers who are interested in carbon credits.

What are the competitive advantages of forestry carbon sink?

We have the advantages of carbon sink resource network, carbon sink database, expert consultant teams, block chain technology experience, internet experience, big data experience, carbon development experience, up and down industrial chain. We can enjoy the huge market dividends of carbon neutral through self-development, big data intelligent platform, and intermediary service.

It can be specified as follows:

01. With the management team of carbon assets, the digital economy of property rights can be truly applied to the carbon sink industry.

02. With the experience of carbon sink development and stronger resource integration, the development of carbon sink has big data thinking and block chain technology, improving the efficiency of carbon sink development and the competitiveness of openness and fairness.

03. We have our own Internet intelligence platform and a technical company in big data technology. Through the perfect combination of virtual metaverse and real world, the efficiency of the interval is improved.

Introduction of strength.

Canxi Agriculture Metaverse is a modern technology platform integrating digital intelligent agricultural technology, forestry carbon sink, biotechnology, health food, recreation property, private equity, aviation, yacht club and other diversified products. Agriculture Metaverse is centered on the health and low-carbon energy industry, and build a digitalized, globalized, diversified and clustered intelligent industry cluster through the support of multiple industries and the docking and interaction of extended industries. Next, Agriculture Metaverse will lay out the digital technology industry, forestry carbon sink industry, health industry and financial industry to push forward the carbon sink industry chain together and create a low-carbon, healthy, honest, innovative and efficient field. We will become one of the top 500 companies in the world and contribute to human sustainable development, social environment and global ecology.

Forestry carbon sink – IBD fund empowerment.

Singapore IBD Fund is an investment institution that focuses on big data core technology. The Fund is committed to building a big data service platform for blockchain technology and ecological applications, aiming to provide international and open blockchain application business solutions through global carbon neutral, carbon trading, agriculture and forestry, health and digital technology enterprises.

In order to better enter the carbon neutral market, Agriculture Metaverse and IBD have built strategic partnership to create GEB DAO, which allows all global environmental messengers to jointly govern, build eco-system and share dividends.

GEB, the future carbon neutral value pass.

GEB is a DAO organization based on carbon neutrality. GEB empowers the development of global carbon sink, and aims to build a decentralized organization to implement ecological cooperation and self-governance in the community. GEB DAO is distributed, automated, orderly and Token-based.

GEB is equipped with web3.0 technology, integrating DeFi2.0 and DAO to build a multi-functional project platform. On the basis of decentralization and high openness, its product will be more compatible with the concept of GEB DAO and richer in functions.

GEB will be enpwered through five layers of architecture: basic technology layer, governance and operation layer, incentive mechanism layer, organizational form layer and presentation layer. In the future, GEB will build the world’s first high-performance carbon-neutral public chain, compatible with EVM and WASM formatted smart contracts. Based on GEB Chain, GEB ID and GEB SDK, DAPP can realize one-click release of multiple chain versions, support any kind of digital assets, break the status quo of public chain ecosystem. To improve network efficiency and reduce transmission number, GEB will use the Schnorr multiple signature algorithm based on Secp256k1 elliptic curves. To achieve data cascading and privacy protection, GEB will design a decentralized system based on the HMAC algorithm, forming a hierarchical system with a master and multiple subsystems. It allows users to manage data and assets on both centralized and decentralized platforms in a one-stop manner through the GEB Client.

The GEB pass serves a medium for the green and environmental protection industry. With the theme of Agriculture Metaverse red cedar base, it constructs an online and offline, virtual and real twin application scenario. Agriculture Metaverse provides a new platform for global consensus, construction and co-creators. Meanwhile, GEB evangelists will enjoy the voting rights, decision-making rights, dividend rights and governance rights of the platform.

The total volume of GEB issuance is only 990 million pieces. Facing the demand of trillion-level carbon neutral market, GEB has deflation mechanism, destruction mechanism, and production reduction mechanism. The final circulation volume is 66 million pieces, which is extremely scarce and the supply is not enough to meet the demand. As the global carbon sink empowers the value of GEB, the value of GEB will be immeasurable.

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