How to build a property portfolio in Dhaka

July 29 00:34 2022

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        How to build a property portfolio in Bangladesh - Buy Flat Dhaka

The information in this article does not constitute financial, legal, professional advice, or any other advice, and someone should not treat any of the content as such. A qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decisions.

Bangladesh is one of the emerging world’s best-kept secrets for real estate. With a growing population and high GDP growth, it is worth considering investing in property in Bangladesh. Not only are properties in Bangladesh excellent value for money when converted from the local currency, but many options in different budgets, shapes, and sizes are available.

A property portfolio is a collection of property investments owned by an individual or a company. Like many things in life, the idea of a perfect portfolio is highly personal. It depends on someone’s goals, emotional and financial situation, and how much risk someone can tolerate. This BestBari article discusses the top five tips for building a property portfolio in Bangladesh.

There are different ways to build a property portfolio in Bangladesh, but there’s one strategy that is the key, and that is: finding the right balance. Regardless of someone’s situation, age or experience, balance is the one thing that can help someone maximize returns while minimizing anyone’s risk.

Balance is achieved through diversification. Diversification helps to protect against risk. Investing in various property types in different locations gives someone a resilient property portfolio that will continue to deliver strong returns during turbulent market conditions.

        How to build a property portfolio in Bangladesh - Buy Flat Dhaka

Have an investment strategy

Set an investment objective first and work backward from someone’s desired goal. It’s helpful to set a target, so someone has something to aim towards. This will ensure everyone’s investment strategy is structured and gives everyone something to help everyone make difficult decisions.

Next, define someone’s investment strategy. For example, is someone looking for rental yield or capital growth? Ideally, someone should have an investment strategy that delivers both, but this is not always possible. Rental yield is the income (from the rent someone receives from his tenants) as a percentage of the property’s value. Capital growth is the difference between the current discount and the price someone purchased the property.

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Sort out your finances

If someone is serious about building a property portfolio, then speak with his bank and get his finances sorted as soon as possible. To create a property portfolio, everyone is going to need to borrow. While banks love to see that he has equity in his home or other investment properties, they will require someone to prove his income to borrow funds. Make sure to also budget for all the costs of owning an investment property, interest on his loan, home insurance, and property management fees.

          How to build a property portfolio in Bangladesh - Buy Flat Dhaka

Consider leveraging your existing equity

Once someone has enough equity in his property, he can use it towards a deposit for his next property purchase so that he does not have to put additional cash into buying new properties for his portfolio. In other words, he can accelerate his property portfolio by leveraging the equity he already has. However, be careful not to overextend himself when it comes to his debt and make sure at he can make the repayments of his loans.

Do your research to scan the Dhaka property market

If someone wants to build a successful property portfolio, he will need a way of quickly scanning the market for good real estate. Remember that there is always risk with any property investment. Constantly research and monitor the property market and be aware of price trends. Take note of the average apartment price movement in Bangladesh. Doing as much research as possible is essential to reduce the risk of something unexpected happening.

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On behalf of BestBari, we hope that someone has found this article helpful in building his property portfolio in Bangladesh. Please visit our News and Reviews page for more valuable articles like Why Invest Property in Bangladesh. We wish everyone the best and hope everyone finds this investment property portfolio in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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