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July 29 19:48 2022
Travel experts are advising people traveling to European Airports to put a tracker in their luggage to keep an eye on its location

In the UK alone it has been reported that 1.4 million lost luggage happen every year. However, that figure has nearly doubled this year due to the airport chaos that is currently taking place. Travel experts are advising passengers visiting European airports to put a tracker in their luggage to avoid losing their valuables and to avoid delays. One of the most affordable trackers is available from Home Lundi (

Home Lundi who has announced they are offering new customers 10% off their first purchase is now selling the popular Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker as featured on TikTok and popular lifestyle and technology publications. The affordable tracker takes the stress out of locating luggage. It is easy to use and has become one of the most recommended travel gadgets.

The Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker ( which is available for just $33.99 has become one of the fastest-selling tracker gadgets during the European airport chaos. Travel experts are recommending anyone visiting the UK or Europe to use the tracker to stop their luggage from being lost.

The tracker does not only help people to recover their lost luggage, but it also helps them avoid rushing to the airport arrivals lounge to wait for their luggage. There have been reports due to the delay in waiting for luggage which can be up to three hours that some people have become unwell and fainted. Thanks to the tracker, people waiting for their luggage can take a seat and watch through their App when the luggage is coming through to the arrivals lounge.

The Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker which comes with a full guarantee and a fast-shipping service is easy to use. All a person needs to do is to put the tracker inside their suitcase and then track their luggage through the App.

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