Insights to Behavior Teaches The “Behavior Bootcamp” Course To Over 400 Educators in Zambia

August 03 22:50 2022
Oklahoma-based behavior management tools company, Insights to Behavior, takes the “Behavior Bootcamp” course to Africa with the CEO teaching more than 400 educators in Zambia

The Insights to Behavior team, comprising of the CEO and President, Kenton Levings, his daughter, Katelyn, and lead trainer, Marty Newport, recently took a giant step toward helping educators worldwide deliver the best learning experience to students, with the recent visit to Lusaka, Zambia. The visit to Africa was to teach the popular “Behavior Bootcamp” course to over 400 educators, through a Dallas-based organization called Family Legacy.

After the 4 days of training, we had a service project. We got to put together a library for one of their schools. We setup a small library with over 2,000 books.  The transformation from a storage closet and office to a library was amazing.   All the staff and students were so excited. Then, the next day we were able to have a party with the students to celebrate. We had mustache stickers for them, candy, bouncy balls, and sunglasses. We played outdoor games and even had a dance party. Such a fun time loving on them. We bonded with the kids of course but also with the teachers and house moms. We listened to their challenges, and we shared our experiences. We may have been 10,000 miles away, but our challenges and experiences are very similar. We are all humans bouncing back after bad days.” – Marty Newport.

Teachers across the globe have continuously struggled to manage the behavior of their students, a phenomenon that has hindered an effective learning process. However, the team at Insights to Behavior, led by the passionate and forward-thinking Kenton Levings, aims to change this narrative, as substantiated by the recent visit to Zambia.

The visit is not the first of the organization in Africa, as Kenton Levings initially took the cause to Uganda 15 years ago, in the company of 5 other friends. It ignited a desire to do more and help the needy, resulting in 8 more trips to Uganda and a trip in 2018 with his daughter Katelyn to Zambia. Insights to Behavior has partnered with Family Legacy, an organization that runs 26 schools in some of the most challenging areas of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia to help alleviate the struggles of educators with behavior while providing opportunities to improve staff and family knowledge around behavior.

Katelyn Levings is studying to be an Occupational Therapist and she was able to bring her experience working as a volunteer and camp sponsor to bear, collaborating with her father and experienced trainer, Marty Newport, to impact educators and ultimately help to build a better future for kids in Zambia.

For further information about the bootcamp and other resources from Insights to Behavior, visit – The campaign also continues across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.  

About Insights to Behavior  

Insights to Behavior is an Oklahoma-based company that aims to help educators get the best from their students by managing their behaviors. The company has developed an award-winning web-based application that empowers any user to quickly create a BIP with research-based strategies as well as other tools and resources to deliver the best classroom learning experience. 

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