Canada Visa Application Online via offers a lot of benefits including the email recovery service

August 12 17:28 2022

On applying for Canada e-Visa via, applicants can receive a lot of benefits which also include the email recovery service. Email recovery service is available to recover deleted emails, which contain the e-Visa.

Canada Visa Online was implemented by the Government of Canada in 2015 for foreigners to enter Canada for Tourism, business, or transit visits. It is an electronic travel document that can be obtained easily via the online Visa application. Applicants can visit, to apply for a Canada e-Visa by filling out the application form. They can enjoy a lot of benefits by choosing this Visa application method, like a 24/365 online application, no time limit, a simplified application process, privacy protection, support, and assistance 24/7 by email, and email recovery service.

After completing the eTA application, the applicant will receive the e-Visa directly to their email, which makes it more comfortable for them. Since it is stored electronically, there is no chance for it to get lost (unless deleted) or damaged. This facility alone solves all major problems, but in case the email (with the e-Visa) gets deleted unknowingly, individuals can make use of the email recovery service.

Canada Visa for Croatian citizens

Croatian citizens can apply for Canada e-Visa within five minutes by choosing Canada Visa Application Online. On applying for the e-Visa via, they don’t even have to leave their house to receive an e-Visa. The quick and easy eTA application process issues the e-Visa directly to the applicant’s email within 24 hours. The introduction of electronic travel authorization in Canada made it much easier for visitors because there is no need to print or present any document at the airport.

Canada Visa for Slovak citizens

Canada e-Visa allows Slovak citizens to stay in the country for around 90 days on each visit. The multiple entry features helps them to overcome these short-duration visits, as they can make frequent visits to Canada. Canada e-Visa for Slovak citizens is valid for arrival by air only, and it can be used for tourism, business, or transit visits. To be eligible to apply for a Canada e-Visa, Slovak citizens must be in good health and should not have any criminal history. Other than these eligibility requirements, the applicants must have a valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card to complete an eTA application.

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