BougeRV releases portable air conditioners for cool summer and cooler vacations

September 08 17:42 2022
BougeRV’s Quiet Portable RV Air Conditioner is quieter than other portable air conditioners and takes less power to run.

The BougeRV 2899BTU Portable Air Conditioner is a portable air conditioner with quick cooling features made to help customers who want to stay cool and cozy this summer.

Summer means hot and dry, and one might sweat all day. Well, if a person doesn’t have the proper air conditioning, summer heat waves can be a challenging climate both at home and while traveling. No matter what travel purpose one needs a portable air conditioner for, the BougeRV portable air conditioner can definitely meet every customer’s needs.

As a lightweight, compact, and personal portable air conditioning unit, the BougeRV portable air conditioner offers consumers a customary option that instantly blows a refreshingly powerful air stream. It will start providing rapid cooling in less than a minute and can reduce heat and humidity, effectively stealing the summer heat. The portable air conditioners from BougeRV allow anyone to improve their leisure, relaxation, and work experiences to the next level.

BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner’s main essential features : 

The BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner is a portable air conditioning cooler with many useful features to enjoy; it’s a stylish modern look, and high-quality performance to name a few.

Convenient & Portable

The BougeRV portable air conditioner is lighter and more convenient than a home air conditioner. With a large carrying handle and a long appearance that makes it easier to place in a car trunk without taking up extra space, increasing the desire to use it out and hold it more comfortably. This air conditioner’s portability makes it ideal for use in camping tents, RVs, vans, trailers, and any other location where one needs to beat the heat.

Powerful Panasonic compressor & Fast cooling

Adopted Panasonic compressor, which is more durable, quieter than other products, and has a high cooling capacity. The BougeRV portable air conditioner can cool quickly in 15S. One can enjoy cooling faster, and energy-saving. With the same battery pack with a longer load time.

Low Noise

Due to the built-in compressor, the driving noise is 45-65dB depending on the driving mode. Fast sleep, no need to worry about the noise can not sleep. Going out is supposed to be quiet and soothing, and lower noise levels can make the person more immersed in their vacation.

Double hose exhaust system

To help the better discharge of hot air does not affect the cooling effect of the room, the double hose exhaust system is definitely a good helper. With it, hot air does not flow into the room, better cooling effect in long-term operation. Compared with the single hose, the double hose can separate the cold air blown and the hot air discharged better, and the cooling effect is better.

Multi-scene use

The surprise is that a person can enjoy the BougeRV portable air conditioner in multiple scenarios. Such as camping in a tent in the summer, then the customer won’t be so hot in the tent, or even to cooling off their pest. Because this refrigerator is lightweight and travel-friendly for vehicles, RVs, tents, etc. The BougeRV portable air conditioner is considered a truly portable air conditioning unit designed for tent and RV campers.

The portable air conditioner has given a whole new look into the future of air cooling technology via a portable air conditioner from BougeRV. Enjoy the cool summer with BougeRV. Invest in this portable air conditioner and enjoy the cool summer days.

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