Gather Round Profits brings a new era of financial literacy to North Miami

September 20 18:06 2022
Kevin Guillaume introduce the key components to generational wealth and sustained financial success to the underserved communities in North Miami

September 20, 2022 – Kevin Guillaume is the founder and mind behind Gather Round Profits, a financial literary company based in Miami Florida. Mr. Guillaume uses his keen insight and unique knowledge of his target audience to teach and help people seeking to make calculated decisions regarding their financial responsibilities and, in doing so, changing their lives for the better.Gather Round Profits has developed a series of books, a generous partner program, a strong referral-based system, and courses focused on helping the undergraduate population in North Miami, those who have suffered as a result of the miseducation of finances. The significance of this system stems around the misbelief that one needs to require a college degree to be successful. Complete with detailed cases of successes and failures who have graduated from college and have not.

The genius of this program is that while it is intentionally aimed at North Miami communities, it can be applied throughout the world. Find out more here-

To complement the company’s crusade, Gather Round Profits continues developing dynamic new content for people seeking to make a positive difference in their lives. There is no denying the financial gap between the haves and have-nots. The current state of economic affairs mires one generation after the next at the bottom of the ladder. This was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when the federal government handed out lofty business loans for billionaires and millionaires, all forgivable, while many in the underserved communities were forced to pay their loans back or risk going out of business.

The travesty of this can and should be avoided. A simple task made possible by the financial literacy programs developed by Gather Round Profits. Who better to understand the inequity of modern finances than one who pulled himself up by his own two feet and carved an empire where none had been allowed?Gather Round Profits is crafted through extensive research, practical experience, and a robust partner program to help the citizens of North Miami have all the advantages needed to be financially responsible. View here to see how they are ready to partner up with you-

The time has come when all can achieve generational wealth with the proper training and partners. Wealth no longer has to rest in the hands of the most powerful. Gather Round Profits fills in the gaps.

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