Goldy GGG, The True Social Media King Whose Name is Etched on The Hearts of Millions of Netizens

September 20 20:51 2022
Goldy GGG, aka Goldy, is a UK-based Pakistani content creator leading the charge of video content creators on YouTube and TikTok.

Goldy is a man of many talents, and he uses each of his talents to entertain his followers as much as he can. From creating viral dance videos to posting hilarious and entertaining comedy skits that amuse his teeming fan base.

Goldy’s journey as a social media personality had a rough start. Born in England on 3 June 1986, Goldy’s interest in making a statement online started after he was jeered at for posting his freestyle rap video on Facebook in 2010. However, Goldy takes this as a motivation to succeed online instead of sulking.


While there are thousands (if not millions) of content creators across social media platforms today, Goldy stands out. The ever-increasing Netizens on YouTube and TikTok communities have seen Goldy GGG’s capabilities firsthand.

When Goldy GGG was asked how he became so famous and was able to grow his followers to such large numbers, he replied;

“To stand out amongst the pool of talented individuals who rule social media, especially TikTok, you have to be different from others. This I try to do by incorporating acts which amuse the audience and make them smile. Also, I’m a music and quote artist and that adds up to my fame quotient.”

Goldy’s consistency in showing up online and posting viral and entertaining videos is admirable as he continues to enchant his teeming followers. When it comes to comedy, Goldy is unrivaled; his skits are one of the fastest ways to turn a scowl into a hearty laugh!


From a boy mocked on Facebook because of a freestyle rap video, Goldy has come a long way. Today, Goldy boasts of more than 180 thousand followers on TikTok. His viral videos have also been amassing many likes and subscribers on YouTube – so much that he received a silver button from YouTube.

Goldy posted a teaser to his hip-hop track, ‘UK to Mirpur’, which is making waves on youtube. Moreover, his TikTok account also goes by the name Goldy GGG. So you should watch out for frequent interesting content on that account.

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