PKEY Releases Electric Screwdrivers In the Tool Market

October 25 01:15 2022

Repairing electronic products, such as laptops and smartphones, can be a difficult thing to do, unless you have the right tool at hand. The wide usability makes the electric cordless screwdriver an ideal standing handy tool. PKEY has released several new versions of their Electric Screwdriver series. It is the perfect tool people can use in the repair job.

Which product is best for people to use in the repair job?

PKEYCordless Electric Screwdriver CS1931A, with 32 Magnetic Bits and 4 LED Lights


This Cordless  Electric Screwdriver set includes 32 longer S2 alloy magnetic bits in its packaging, with 4 LED lights and an independent LED switch on the screwdriver body. It supports dual mode of operations, which are the manual mode (Torque: 5N.m) and the electric mode(Torque: 0.5-1.5N.m). It is equipped with a 2000mAh large capacity battery that can operate continuously at no load for 190min, which saves time on a frequent charge. Also, the body of the screwdriver is not too big or too small, allowing users with small or big hands to handle this screwdriver with ease.

This PKEY Electric Screwdriver allows users to adjust the torque and speed, and repair various electronic products with it, including computers, home appliances, coffee machines, and so on, in the best way.


PKEY Electric Screwdriver Cordless  CS0633A, with 28 Precision Magnetic Bits and 3 Gears Torque


This Cordless PKEY Electric Screwdriver version features 28 magnetic bits and 3 gears torque, equipped with a 3-gear electric mode (Torque: 0.15N.m/0.25N.m/0.35N.m), and unloaded speed is 180/190/200rpm. There is the unique palmar bracket at the top of the screwdriver that people can rotate in 360-degree, allowing to loosen and tighten screws with ease. No need to worry about this electric screwdriver, it can sense when it can’t turn the screw anymore, so it shuts off automatically to avoid damaging equipment.

This PKEY Electric Screwdriver also has an ergonomic handle, which will provide users the best comfort in their hand when using it.


PKEY Electric Screwdriver Mini CS0235A, with 28 Precision Magnetic Bits and LED Light


This is a mini version of the PKEY Electric Screwdriver that comes with 28 precision magnetic bits and LED lighting on the screwdriver body. It adopts a reasonable 280r/min speed, people don’t worry that excessive torque may damage devices, or that insufficient torque will lead to low work efficiency. Also, it comes with the magnetic design that allows users to install any bit fast and to pick small screws with more convenience. People can also use its dual mode, which will work to tighten and loosen the screws in an instant.

Different from other electric screwdrivers, this PKEY electric screwdriver only takes 45 minutes to fully charge with the included Type-C charging cable, which can be charged by computers, plugs, portable power supplies, etc. It is convenient for you to charge anywhere, anytime quickly.



These PKEY Electric Screwdriver new releases offer users the best choices for repairing and assembling their electronic products. Each version has their own advantages, and each offers the best approach in fixing or assembling various types of electronics, while providing people with the most comfort when using it.

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