NSAXTV Media Announces the Official Global Launch

October 25 17:48 2022

Recently, NSAXTV Media, a platform launched by NSAXTV Film Media Co., LTD, announced its official launch. NSAXTV media’s mission is to innovate the film and television marketing model and achieve a win-win situation for users, members (major film and television companies or producers) and the platform.

“Most film and TV companies’ online marketing methods are still stuck in Internet advertising, media hype, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and online crowdfunding, etc. Along with the arrival of Web 3.0, users have truly become traffic contributors, yet users do not enjoy any benefit distribution”, said Alex, the head of NSAXTV media.

NSAXTV Media introduced an innovative marketing model, in which the distributors of film and TV works and movie-goers directly contact each other through the platform. It invites users to buy tickets to watch movies through platform tasks to improve the traffic of film and TV works. And users leave relevant comments on the platform after watching movies to strengthen the heat and reputation of film and TV works. At the same time, commission will be distributed to users who involved in this ecology, thus users can really enjoy the dividends brought by the film and television ecology.

To enhance sense of experience, NSAXTV Media platform introduces the function of box office, which allows films with high recommendation from the audience to get good ranking in the box office. And meanwhile it increases the film and TV releasing rate in major cinemas and streaming platforms to improve the exposure and attract audiences to watch films. “The users can watch the best movie and TV works at the first time and get the commission provided by the movie and TV investment and production companies, while NSAXTV media can get the traffic and industry chain resources, so the three parties can achieve win-win cooperation and contribute to the benign development of the movie and TV market together.” Alex said.

Starting with North America, then NSAXTV Media will rapidly launch in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia to promote the virtuous cycle of the film and television market and enable film and television to return to prosperity in the post-epidemic era.

About NAXTV Media

NAXTV Media is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. Since its establishment, NAXTV Media has been focusing on customer needs, bring benefits to media, and partner with companies in a complementary manner. Current services projects include service advantages and comprehensive resources like film and television crowdfunding, planning and production, promotion, box office assistance, derivatives development, etc.

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