Embrace the Future through Design | DIA was Back Again at DDW

October 26 09:09 2022

From October 22 to 30, 2022, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Design Intelligence Award (DIA) was back at the DDW again, and Professor Wang Yun, Secretary General of DIA Committee, was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony.

Key Visual of 2022 Dutch Design Week

Professor Wang Yun said in his speech that this is the second time that DIA has participated in the Dutch Design Week. “Bridge”, as the theme of DIA special exhibition this year, is the link between space and time, and it not only connects the award-winning works, but also connects more than 40,000 works and their designers since the birth of the DIA seven years ago, as well as their users and creators all over the world. Therefore, the presentation of these works and the planning and implementation of the “Bridge” exhibition also represent a spirit and value of DIA, as well as DIA’s welcome to the global and dutch design innovators.

The two ends of the “bridge” connect with the south and the north, connect different people, which echoes the annual theme “Design Collaboration” of 2022 DIA, the significance of which lies in breaking down barriers to establish a new integrated relationship, taking design and aesthetics as the fulcrum to continuously link innovation forces, and promoting the convergence and integration of resources from all sides at home and abroad by building a cooperation bridge and bringing together global innovation elements.

Professor Wang Yun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

For the past two decades, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) has been positioned as an carnival emphasizing the design in the future and designing the future. The DDW this year comes in eight “missions”, through which it will explore and show new perspectives of the changing world and guide the public to think about the role of design in future society and life.

The DIA special exhibition area is located in Evoluon, the main venue of DDW

DIA has been committed to exploring the design works focusing on social innovation and development. Dozens of excellent works from multiple countries and regions are being exhibited this year, including “Second Skins” (the Netherlands), “12” and “AlphaMod” (Italy), Relics (Germany), “The Home of the Wind” (China) and “Ting JIAN- Products under the Equality Campaign for the Visually Impaired”, covering future health, sustainable development, digital technology, children’s education and other fields. DIA will explore the future of design with forward-looking thinking, discuss about the connotation value of creative design, and think about the infinite possibilities of design and life, design and industry, design and future

The audience are appreciating the exhibits from China on the spot: The Home of the Wind 

This work transforms real-time and historical climate data into an interactive landscape of sound and light

The lively scene at DIA exhibition

Establish an international brand and build a world-class industrial design award-Leveraging the innovative mode of “DIA International Tour”, DIA is taking solid steps. Design is an important engine to drive industrial innovation. DIA is constantly exploring the latest paradigm of promoting inclusiveness and lead harmonious symbiosis through design. DIA is linking various forces to jointly build an open, integrated and symbiotic international creative design cooperation system, and using the power of design to promote the development of innovative society all over the world.

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