Studio Ghibli Die Hard Fans Opens Up Online Store To Show Their Love For The World Renowned Animation Studio

October 26 12:30 2022

Fans start online merchandise stores to share their love for studio Ghibli and to make possible the production and facilitation of the merchandise with the rest of the community.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation company which is renowned for its animated films all around the world. They have produced multiple films, most of which have broken down records at the box office. These films have drastically transformed the world of animated films with their superior filmmaking techniques and profound scriptwriting. Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbour Totoro are a few of the award-winning films produced by the studio.

Studio Ghibli Merch is an online store where customers can find all types of merchandise related to the films produced by the studio. On the website’s homepage, there’s a menu bar where customers can find different options such as shop by movie, shop by category, and shop by character. A list of movies appears on the screen by clicking on shop by movie options. It includes Laputa: Castle in the sky merch, Ponyo movie, Princess Monokoe, etc. By clicking on the selected movies, customers will be directed to the page where they can find all the merchandise related to that specific movie, such as Ghibli Hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, collectables etc. Undecided customers can click on the shop by category option. There they will find different merchandise options such as clothes, cosplays, collectables, cases, decorations, figurines and toys, workout gear etc. Those customers who love a specific character and know they want to buy merch of that character can select the shop by character option. A list of different characters will appear on the screen containing hundreds of character names. Totoro merch, Haku merch, San merch, Kiki merch, Jiji merch, Satsuki merch, Boh merch, and Howl merch are just a few of them. Fans can select a specific character and find all kinds of merchandise related to that specific character.

Ghibli Merch store has a wide variety of merchandise which can confuse some people. This is why on the homepage, the owners have mentioned the best-selling products of Studio Ghibli. By scrolling down, little customers will find that the best-selling products are the Ghibli movie circle mug, Princes Monokoe 3D t-shirts and much more. Scrolling down a little further, there is a “design your own merch” option. By clicking on it, customers can order their favourite personalized merch to their doorstep.

The tracking order feature allows customers to track their orders from every corner of the world. To get a 15% discount, customers can shop for only $100. Use coupon HAPPY DEAL to avail of the deal.

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