Operation Book Support Empowers Libraries, Thrift Stores, and Educational Institutions Through Online Used Book Sales

October 27 19:33 2022
Operation Book Support is a veteran-owned company helping libraries, thrift stores, educational institutions, and other organizations sell used books, DVDs, CDs, and video games online.

Operation Book Support (OBS) was founded in San Diego, California by US Air Force veteran, Lorenzo Ramos.

“Most people don’t know their local library accepts used book donations from the public. They usually have a bookstore inside that’s run by volunteers where they sell used books for cheap. When I got back from my military service, I saw my local libraries had tons of incoming donations but were struggling to sell. I already had a part-time business selling products on Amazon and knew I had the expertise to help them” said the founder and CEO.

After some hand-shake agreements with a few local libraries to help them make more money, Lorenzo soon found himself overwhelmed with calls from other libraries asking for the same help. 

“The word just spread like wildfire. After a few months helping some nearby libraries, they were so thrilled with the results they started telling everyone. At the time, I was driving around town assessing their books to see which were valuable enough to sell online. 16-hour days were normal. I wanted to succeed, but I knew I had to make a choice; So, I dropped the other business and dedicated myself to helping my community with their book sales. It was just the right thing to do.”

The company then expanded their services to local thrift stores, colleges, churches, and even retirement facilities.

“We’ll work with any organization that can get book or media donations. They don’t necessarily need to have a bookstore; we’ve partnered with plenty of organizations that could start taking in book donations. For the public, they’re happy to get rid of their old books sitting around their house. For the organization, it’s easy money to help fund their mission,” an OBS associate said.

OBS exploded over the next two years quickly acquiring over 60 clients in their local area, all without spending a single penny on advertising.

“It’s a no-brainer for our clients when they hear about what we do. Since we don’t charge for our service, we’re basically asking them if they want free money. Instead, we split the profit with them. We don’t profit unless we make them money, so they know we have their best interest at heart. On top of all that, we’re so confident they’ll love our service we don’t lock them in any contracts. It’s hard to say no to when a company is that confident,” the Director of Operations said for OBS.

OBS divulged the company’s method on their website (opbooksupport.com) in an explainer YouTube video:

“Your organization will receive one of our company scanners; simply scan the barcode of each item, and the scanner will let you know which items we can sell for you. Place these items inside our company’s boxes, and when your boxes are full, we’ll pick them up or we’ll pay the postage to ship them to us” said an OBS spokesperson. 

OBS does more than just run an online store for their clients. The company provides holistic support by examining their client’s operation as a whole.

“We add in free additional services to help our clients scale their own bookstores. The more donations and customers we can get them, the more money they’ll make. So first, we help solve the bottlenecks of their operation like getting more volunteers and setup processes to discard unwanted books. Then, we implement an ongoing marketing plan to help them get more customers and donations in their door. We’ve seen tremendous growth amongst our clients that opt for these additional services.”

While the company works mostly with stores with no online accounts, they also work with over a dozen clients that already have online bookstores. 

“We love to work with clients that have their own Amazon or eBay stores. That shows us they’re motivated and we don’t have to spend time convincing them how important selling online is. They’ll receive our company scanner and scan all the items they don’t want. They get first choice so we aren’t hurting their own online sales” said the Director of Operations for OBS.

While the company started with local clients in San Diego, it now offers its services nationwide. OBS urges anyone that loves their community to share this article with their local libraries, thrift stores, colleges, or any organization that can take used books and media. 

More information about the company and its services is available on their official site.

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