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October 27 20:57 2022

The integrated circuit industry is a basic, leading and strategic industry that is related to the overall situation of the national economy and social development. It is also a core industry that accelerates the empowerment and upgrading of the digital economy and supports the high-quality development of new infrastructure. In 2021, the sales of my country’s integrated circuit industry will exceed one trillion yuan for the first time.

After nearly 30 years of development, Zhuhai has gathered more than 100 integrated circuit upstream and downstream enterprises. The output value of the integrated circuit design industry ranks eighth in the country. There are 22 integrated circuit enterprises with an income scale of over 100 million yuan, Ninestar, Actions Technology and Megain and many other listed companies.

At present, Zhuhai is striving for “industry first” with unprecedented determination and strength, and is fighting the tough battle of industrial development in an all-round way. The integrated circuit industry is also one of the four leading industries that Zhuhai clearly proposes to focus on and expand. According to the plan, by 2025, the scale of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry cluster will exceed 100 billion yuan, and an internationally competitive integrated circuit industry cluster with high-end leadership, coordinated development and outstanding characteristics will be initially built.

An integrated circuit the size of a “grain of rice” has to go through design and development, manufacturing, packaging and testing, system application and other links, thus forming a complete integrated circuit industry chain. Many people in the industry have pointed out that the development of the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai started relatively early, and it is relatively strong in design, but it is still relatively lacking in manufacturing and packaging and testing. .

Anchor new goals and forge new journeys. How does Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry break out of the situation, speed up the 100 billion level mark, and seize the future “chip” highland?


From “a blank sheet of paper” to frequent highlights

In 2021, the output value of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry will be 12.583 billion yuan

After nearly 30 years of cultivation and deepening, Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry has achieved a certain scale agglomeration effect, forming an industrial pattern of application guidance, design leadership, and consideration of manufacturing and packaging. A large number of influential companies in China, such as Da, Actions, Obit, especially in the field of consumer electronics, from MP3, MP4, tablet computers, to smart watches, bluetooth headsets, smart speakers, all outlets are Active chip design companies from Zhuhai.

According to statistics, the output value of the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai in 2021 will be 12.583 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 35%, of which the main income of the integrated circuit design industry will reach 10.577 billion yuan, ranking second in the Pearl River Delta and eighth in the country. Printing consumable chips, power management chips, packaging substrates and other subdivisions “lead” the country.

As the exclusive domestic enterprise that uses the “copper pillar build-up method” to realize the mass production of “coreless” packaging substrates, Zhuhai Yueya Semiconductor Co., Ltd. recently announced that it invested 3.5 billion yuan in Zhuhai to build the Yuexin Semiconductor high-end RF and The FCBGA package carrier board production and manufacturing project has officially started installation. It is expected to be fully completed and put into production by the end of 2024, and the annual output value will reach 3.5 billion yuan.

Previously, this project has successively created an industrial construction speed of 16 days to realize the “start of construction after land acquisition”, 50 days to realize the capping of the first factory building, and 90 days to realize the second factory building. Set a benchmark.

Innosec completed and put into operation the world’s first 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride production line in Zhuhai, with rapid revenue growth; gallium will start IDM capacity construction in Zhuhai in the future, consolidating Zhuhai’s domestic leading position in the field of compound semiconductor manufacturing; Yiwei Semiconductor has accumulated More than 1,100 intellectual property rights have been applied for, and the company has taken the lead in undertaking major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province and the national key R&D program “Intelligent Robot”. The “core-making cutting-edge” and “chip dark horse” that ran out of the district.

In recent years, Zhuhai has also introduced a number of relevant policies to accelerate the development of the integrated circuit industry, including “Opinions on Zhuhai’s Strong Support for the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry” and “Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry in Zhuhai”, etc. The leading group for the development of the integrated circuit industry, the establishment of special support funds and industrial funds, and the establishment of the “Five Ones” work system for the integrated circuit industry cluster, promote the agglomeration of various resource elements to the integrated circuit industry.

From the perspective of industrial space layout, the current integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai is mainly distributed in the High-tech Zone, Xiangzhou District and Doumen District. The high-tech zone is the main gathering area of ​​the integrated circuit design industry in Zhuhai, with a number of listed companies and industry leaders. Xiangzhou District relies on Ninestar, Jerry Technology, etc. to vigorously develop characteristic integrated circuit industries such as key chips for printers, Bluetooth chips, and high-performance analog ICs. Doumen District, relying on Zhuhai Yueya and other enterprises, has become the main agglomeration area of ​​integrated circuit support industry.

Good projects and big projects are still the top priority of the new round of layout. Zhuhai adheres to the idea of ​​”one game of chess for the whole city”, does a good job in top-level design and development planning, defines the development orientation of each district, and draws a “panorama map” for the development of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry, an “index map” for investment promotion, a “supplementary chain map” for key industries, and “target enterprises”. battle map”.

In the future, Zhuhai will focus on the five links of the integrated circuit industry chain, including design, manufacturing, packaging, equipment and materials, and target domestic and foreign leading enterprises to carry out precise investment promotion, and make every effort to promote the introduction, implementation and production of key projects.

At the same time, Zhuhai also attaches great importance to the construction and development of the integrated circuit public service platform. As early as 2004, the province and city have jointly established the Zhuhai Southern Integrated Circuit Design Service Center, providing common technical support, technical consultation, Product testing, personnel training and other services. In recent years, public service institutions such as Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Research Institute and Zhuhai Semiconductor Industry Association have been established successively to further improve the level of industrial services.


Build a nest and attract a phoenix + strengthen the chain

Focus on introducing major projects such as wafer manufacturing, advanced packaging and testing

Good gamers, seek potential. Overall, the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai has embarked on a development process of “strengthening”. However, in the new journey of sprinting into the 100 billion-level integrated circuit industry cluster, Zhuhai has two shortcomings: “lack of manufacturing” and “weak packaging and testing”. Especially in manufacturing, packaging and testing, there are not many enterprises in Zhuhai and their size is not large.

In July this year, the “Zhuhai Integrated Circuit Industry Development White Paper (2021)” written by Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Research Institute and Zhuhai Integrated Circuit Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee was officially released. It is mentioned that in terms of industrial structure, integrated circuit design is currently the largest link in the entire integrated circuit industry chain in Zhuhai; the annual revenue of the manufacturing industry is close to 100 million yuan, accounting for 0.8% of the entire industry; the packaging and testing industry The annual revenue was 36 million yuan, accounting for 0.3% of the entire industry; the scale of income from other industries such as integrated circuit equipment and materials exceeded 1.871 billion yuan, accounting for about 14.9% of the entire industry, an increase of 4.8% over the same period last year. .

According to Gong Bin, the author of the “Industry White Paper” and director of the Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Research Institute, Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry has a good momentum of development and has made breakthroughs in the field of characteristic semiconductors, but it still faces the “dominance of one industry” in the design industry. However, it is not strong, the manufacturing packaging and testing industry has obvious shortcomings, there are not many upstream and downstream collaborations in the industry chain, and the supply of talents is insufficient.

How to start from the weak point and break through the constraints is a crucial tough battle. While strengthening the overall layout of the industry, Zhuhai insists on increasing investment and building a complete industrial chain.

According to the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the next step is to focus on playing the “three cards”: first, to further consolidate and enhance the development advantages of the design industry, and to strengthen the chain around IP core, EDA and other links; second, to keep an eye on the industry chain For shortcomings, focus on introducing major projects such as wafer manufacturing, large-scale IDM, advanced packaging and testing, special equipment and other major projects; the third is to adhere to dislocation development, focusing on the development of high-end consumer electronics, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence chips, and high-end GPU. .

In addition to the accelerated agglomeration of enterprises, the upgrading of carriers and the acceleration of industry-city integration have also become another key trend in the development of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry: from a dilapidated and dilapidated old factory area to “vacating cages and replacing birds” to boost industrial upgrading, located in the high-tech zone Gangwan No. 1 Science and Technology Innovation Park performed a wonderful “butterfly change”, gathered nearly 30 IC design companies, and initially formed an integrated circuit industry pattern; with the construction of Doumen Fushan Industrial City 5.0 new industrial space, Da Hengqin Group and Zhuhai Advanced Integration The Institute of Circuits has innovated and created a new industrial development model of “global technology, Macao carrying, Hengqin research and development, and Doumen manufacturing”, and strives to build a “cross-border industrial ecosystem” through investment promotion.

From talent to investment to industrial ecology, Zhuhai is gradually finding the path for industrial development. In 2021, Zhuhai will actively participate in the investment and establishment of an integrated circuit industry fund. Currently, the Guangdong Guangdong-Macao Semiconductor Industry Investment Fund (target size is 12 billion yuan, of which 4.5 billion yuan was raised in the first phase, and Zhuhai invested 2.5 billion yuan) and the provincial semiconductor and integrated circuit industry fund. The design sub-fund (target size is not less than 9 billion yuan, of which 5 billion yuan is raised in the first phase and 2.5 billion yuan is invested by Zhuhai) has been settled in Zhuhai and signed for formal operation, helping the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry.

How to attract and retain professional talents and cooperate with other cities in the Greater Bay Area to build industrial clusters is also the key to the development of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry. Many experts and scholars suggested that on the one hand, it is necessary to actively promote the synergy and cooperation between Zhuhai and Macao in integrated circuit innovation resources; Many global high-quality talents take root and develop.

“At present, Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of industrial structure, industrial synergy, investment drive, talent supply and industrial services. Australia has stepped up efforts to coordinate and optimize supporting services to promote the comprehensive upgrade of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry.” Gong Bin said.

Zhuhai-Macao cooperation leads collaborative innovation

Help Guangdong to build “the third pole of my country’s integrated circuit industry development”

The “Assembly Number” of innovation and development is blowing loudly. As one of the regions with the highest density of innovation resources and the strongest heat in China, since the beginning of this year, a number of cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have successively released policies and action plans related to semiconductors and integrated circuits —

Shenzhen is the leader of the integrated circuit industry cluster in the Greater Bay Area. In June this year, Shenzhen released the “Shenzhen Action Plan for Cultivating and Developing Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry Clusters (2022-2025)”, proposing that by 2025, the industry revenue will exceed 250 billion yuan, and more than 3 companies will have a revenue of more than 10 billion yuan and A group of design companies with a revenue of more than 1 billion yuan have introduced and cultivated 3 manufacturing companies with a revenue of more than 2 billion yuan.

As one of the major home appliance industry bases in China, Foshan, a major manufacturing city with huge application market space, is not far behind. On June 22, Foshan released the “Foshan Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry Cluster Development Action Plan (2022-2025)”, proposing that by 2025, the revenue of the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Guangzhou Nansha, which has ushered in a major national strategy, also took advantage of the situation. On June 25, Guangzhou Nansha issued the “Guangzhou Nansha New Area (Free Trade Zone) to Promote the Development of Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry Supporting Measures”, which includes the settlement of major projects, corporate financing, improvement of the integrated circuit industry chain, and subsidies for production-oriented electricity consumption by enterprises. support in every aspect. For example, the newly introduced integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises will be given 10% of the total investment and a maximum of 300 million yuan to settle down.

In August 2021, the “14th Five-Year Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province” proposed that by 2025, the annual main business income of the integrated circuit industry will exceed 400 billion yuan, and the third pole of my country’s integrated circuit industry development will be built. In this year’s government work report, Guangdong once again called out “building the third pole of my country’s integrated circuits” – which means that outside the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong hopes to support another integrated circuit industry fulcrum.

It can be said that how Zhuhai accelerates the development of the integrated circuit industry, aiming at the “100 billion level” goal, is related to how it can leverage the “game of chess” of industrial development, rapidly improve its own energy level, and build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The new engine of high-quality development in the district and the new important growth pole of the whole province are the due meaning of serving the overall situation of the whole country and the whole province.

For Zhuhai, a major advantage is that it fully benefits from the dividends from the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone and the development of Macao. Multiple innovative resources are gathered in Zhuhai, from design and manufacturing to application, forming a multi-layered and collaborative industrial layout.

Science and technology research and development and high-end manufacturing industries are one of the four new industries that the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone” clearly proposes to focus on development, including vigorously developing the integrated circuit industry and accelerating the construction of characteristic chip design, testing and testing. microelectronics industry chain.

In July this year, the “Several Measures for the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone to Promote the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry” was officially issued. It proposed specific support measures from four aspects: supporting enterprise development, talent introduction, platform construction, and Guangdong-Macao collaborative innovation, and clearly proposed support. Major projects in the field of integrated circuits will set up headquarters or R&D centers in the cooperation zone, and build manufacturing, packaging and testing bases in Zhuhai City, and specific support measures will be determined through consultation between the cooperation zone executive committee and the Zhuhai Municipal Government.

Macao has my country’s first-class State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI and has established branches in the cooperation zone, with strong innovation strength; The foundation is good; since its development and construction, Hengqin has successively gathered a number of high-quality integrated circuit enterprises such as Xinyaohui Technology and Jihai Semiconductor, with broad development prospects.

Huang Chong, vice president of Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Research Institute, said that the “Guangdong-Macao Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park” operated by the research institute has been put into use in the cooperation zone, with a construction area of ​​38,000 square meters. A number of leading integrated circuit companies such as Dynamic Technology and Biren Technology have already settled in. It is expected that by 2025, 100 integrated circuit design companies will be introduced with an income scale of 10 billion yuan, and the city will accelerate its approach to a world-class integrated circuit design industry cluster.

“Zhuhai should seize the window period of superposition of major strategies, strive for the state’s support for Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao innovation cooperation projects, build a regional collaborative innovation community, gather international innovation resources, focus on improving the innovative R&D attributes of Zhuhai’s integrated circuits, and achieve cutting-edge technology leadership. , and also encourage listed companies in Zhuhai to make good use of the international connectivity platform of Hong Kong and Macau, merge and integrate international industrial innovation resources, and further open up the international market.” Gong Bin said.


Industry data

In 2021, Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry will achieve a revenue scale of 12.583 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 35%. Among them, the main income of the integrated circuit design industry reached 10.577 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.84%.

In 2021, the total number of integrated circuit design enterprises in Zhuhai will exceed 117, of which 22 will have a revenue of over 100 million yuan, and 3 will have a revenue of over 1 billion yuan.

In 2021, the compatible chips for printing consumables developed by Zhuhai enterprises will occupy more than 50% of the global market share, and the shipments and sales of TWS Bluetooth master chips will rank first in the domestic market.

Development Suggestions

— Support enterprise innovation and improve the design industry level

Promote the high-quality development of the integrated circuit design industry to high value-added fields. Support design companies to acquire local companies or introduce mature design teams at home and abroad through government policies, investment, etc., while expanding the scale of the company, enhance the ability to develop high-end chips, and enhance the company’s scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

— Implement precise investment and improve the structure of the industrial chain

In accordance with the development idea of ​​”leading enterprises to enter, supporting enterprises to follow up, and industrial cluster development”, implement precise investment promotion, accelerate chain replenishment and chain extension, actively introduce domestic advanced packaging technology and professional testing leading enterprises, and attract upstream and downstream equipment and materials in the industrial chain. The supporting extension of the industry will eventually form an industrial ecological development trend.

— Strengthen the guarantee of elements and build a whole ecological system

Increase the protection of basic industrial elements such as talents and funds in the integrated circuit field, and optimize the industrial ecosystem. In terms of talent protection, domestic colleges and universities with integrated circuit advantages and vocational schools with industrial talent training experience have been introduced, and living water has been introduced from the source to expand the talent pool.

— Strengthen the synergy between Qin and Macao and enhance the innovative power of linkage

Make full use of the advantages of geographical proximity to Hong Kong and Macao and the policy opportunities of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone, deepen the multi-dimensional cooperation between Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao in integrated circuit industry-university-research cooperation, finance, supply chain, etc., and actively support Zhuhai enterprises, Hong Kong and Macao universities, scientific research The institutions will connect with each other, and encourage and support integrated circuit researchers from Hong Kong and Macao universities and scientific research institutions to invest in entrepreneurship and industrialization of achievements in Zhuhai.

— Optimize supporting services and promote high-quality development

Focusing on the overall development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Guangdong’s world-class industrial clusters, actively strive for the landing of major national integrated circuit projects with large investment scale, high strategic level and strong industrial supporting facilities in Zhuhai, and explore the development of integrated circuit industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Pilot policies will be tried first to ensure that Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry service capabilities are at the forefront of Guangdong Province.


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