Top 10 Most Innovative Success Coaches For Children To Watch In 2023

January 13 01:09 2023

Discover how this bullied man is transforming children’s lives around the world to inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

Growing up, many of us have experienced bullying in some form or another. For some, it was verbal teasing; for others, it was physical intimidation. For Dale Hancock, it was a combination of both.

As an adult, he says there are times he still finds himself reverting back to the victim mentality – something that happened a decade ago when over the course of 6 months he was bullied as a teacher, he lost his job then crashed his car only 2 weeks later.

He soon found out that his girlfriend of 5 years had been seeing other men behind his back the entire time they had been together; when shortly after that,his mother had a heart attack. After getting back together with his ex-girlfriend she ended up falling pregnant by someone else. His meaning for life was sucked from him, he thought what’s the point?

At his lowest point however, there came a glimmer of hope – as if fate itself stepped in – when a video featuring Tony Robbins unexpectedly popped up on YouTubeTM, which inspired him enough to start going back to the gym and start making positive changes in every area of his life!

This simple act opened up many doors for him soon after as it led him towards meeting someone who got him into neuro development and life coaching, giving him a new purpose and direction in life. After discovering his new-found confidence he went from zero to hero by applying for a national TV Game Show, and winning!

Dale has since spoken at Parliament as well as in America (touring Illinois); coached over 2000+ young people while impacting 90,000+ others through writing international bestselling books too, all while also creating successful businesses dedicated towards coaching teachers how to best help children grow and cope with life’s challenges. 

To discover more about Dale and his life-changing work, make sure to visit his IG account here: @dalevincentcoaching

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