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January 19 17:32 2023

Herbert was Established in 1995, the company specializes in manufacturing hydraulic vise and accessories for machine tools. The vise is designed to provide maximum clamping force with minimal bending, and is made from high quality FCD60 casting material which can tolerate deforming and bending stress. 

Additionally, the slideway is hardened using heat treatment to reach a hardness of HRC45 degrees for superior durability. 

For its commitment to excellence, Herbert has been awarded certificates from Germany, China, Taiwan, and America recognizing the outstanding quality of its products. This acknowledgement of excellence helps Herbert to further its mission of providing customers with only the highest standards of quality.

Herbert offers a variety of products that will help make your work easier and more efficient. The self-centering vise, MC power vice, and MC power vise are designed to keep your workpiece securely in place while you work on it. The zero point system is perfect for quick and easy set ups. The machine vice and machine vise are ideal for heavy-duty work, and are built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. The quick change systems and manual quick lock make it easy to switch out workpieces, so you can get back to work quickly. These tools are perfect for any shop or factory setting and are designed to improve productivity and precision.

Herbert’s vision goes beyond simply providing customers with well-crafted products: they are also committed to helping their customers succeed by focusing on customer service and satisfaction as well as product innovation. 

To achieve this goal, they employ a team of experts that work together on improving product design, developing new technologies and processes, and promoting effective communication between the company and their customers. As part of this effort, Herbert strives to ensure that all customer needs are met quickly and efficiently while offering top notch technical guidance when needed. 

As an innovative leader in vise production technology Herbert provides a wide range of services including 3D modeling, machining processes such as computer numerical control (CNC), EDM wire cutting/spark erosion technology, surface finishing/polishing methods.

Such as grinding/sanding/lapping operations, heat treating process for hardening or softening materials used for components parts making; marking process like silk screening or laser engraving; along with assembly operations such as welding or riveting for finished product production line assembly requirements. 

Final Thought

At Herbert they believe that quality should not be compromised at any cost – it is what sets them apart from their competitors and ensures that their customers receive only the best products every time they place an order. 

With optimism towards future growth and success at heart Herbert continues its mission to provide world-class machine tools with incomparable precision and guaranteed satisfaction on every sale – so customers can rest assured knowing that no matter what type of product they need they are getting nothing but the very best from Herbert.

Visit https://www.her-bert.com/en-US for more information.

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