What Are The Core Technologies Of The Hegerls Pallet Four-Way Shuttle Vehicle System In The Dense Warehouse Of Automated Pallet Four-Way Shuttle Vehicles?

May 26 15:04 2023

With the rapid increase in demand in the domestic and international logistics industry, the pallet four way shuttle type three-dimensional warehouse has developed into one of the mainstream forms of warehousing logistics due to its advantages in efficient and dense storage functions, operating costs, and systematic intelligent management in the circulation and warehousing system. Hebei Woke HEGERLS has launched an industrial grade high-quality intelligent tray four-way shuttle dense storage system based on customer needs, and has also released multiple innovative application scenarios for the tray four-way shuttle dense storage system.

The tray four way shuttle type automated dense storage system has high-density, highly automated and intelligent storage capacity, and is one of the preferred solutions for pallet goods storage. The HEGERLS tray four-way shuttle dense three-dimensional storage system is generally composed of multi-layer tray four-way shuttle shelves, storage units, logistics handling equipment (including tray four-way shuttle cars, tray elevators, etc.), inbound and outbound transportation systems, communication systems, WCS control systems, computer monitoring systems, WMS computer management information systems, and other auxiliary equipment; WCS controls and manages the pallet four-way shuttle, other logistics handling equipment, pallet elevators, and conveyor chains through network communication and PLC; The pallet four way shuttle adopts a dual address recognition method of photoelectric switch and encoder, which achieves direction control and position control by calculating the relative position of the target.

It achieves reasonable movement and scheduling of all pallet four way shuttle cars and stored items along the running tracks configured in the steel rack structure of the pallet four way shuttle type three-dimensional warehouse at all levels, greatly improving the speed of goods turnover; The inbound and outbound transportation system includes a modular transportation system, a cardboard box (logistics box) sorting and transportation system, a continuous elevator, a distribution vehicle, AGV, etc. The planning and design of the inbound and outbound transportation system, as well as the configuration of transportation equipment, need to be determined based on the overall layout of the warehouse, the functions of the warehouse, and the type of storage unit or goods. The transportation speed of the inbound and outbound system, as well as the number of branching and merging points, etc, It should be determined based on the principle of meeting the efficiency of warehouse entry and exit, and handle electrical control technology issues well.

Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., Ltd. (self owned brand: HEGERLS) has developed over 20 years and has served many industries such as machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, communication, e-commerce, home furnishings, food, beverage, medical, new energy, cold chain, etc. It has accumulated experience in numerous large-scale logistics integration projects at home and abroad. Hebei Woke HEGERLS focuses on the research and development, design, and production delivery of efficient tray storage systems. It has full value chain research and development capabilities such as robot ontology, core algorithms, operating systems, and business systems. It is committed to providing customers with efficient, high-density, flexible, fast delivery, and low-cost warehousing intelligent solutions. So relative to this, what are the core technologies of the HEGERLS pallet four-way shuttle system?

Core Technology of HEGERLS Tray Four way Shuttle System (1)

The core of the tray four-way shuttle vehicle system lies in hardware reliability, communication and positioning technology, scheduling system, etc. In terms of hardware reliability, each HEGERLS shuttle vehicle in Hebei Woke needs to be equipped with multiple sensors for collision prevention, tray detection, walking wheel angle monitoring, etc., to ensure real-time understanding of the vehicle’s operation. The HEGERLS intensive shuttle garage, combined with the intelligent conveying system, stacking system and floor changing system, can meet the requirements of most forms of dense pallet storage and support low level shelves. It adopts the shuttle board+AGV (forklift) mode, sub parent shuttle board mode, and stacking sub parent car mode, which are flexible and can support high level shelves and low level shelves. It is a good solution for the automation of low level pallet warehouse with floor height restrictions.

Core Technology of HEGERLS Tray Four way Shuttle System (II)

The core technology of the HEGERLS pallet four-way shuttle system also lies in the track changing technology. The track changing mechanism is a key part of completing the reversing operation of the entire vehicle. Taking into account the stability and reliability of the vehicle structure and the safe and reasonable layout of each structural module, the form of “lifting the entire vehicle on track and synchronous reversing on both sides” is adopted. When reversing operation is carried out, the reversing body installed at the bottom of the frame is first moved downwards, and the bilateral driving motion module fixed to the reversing body gradually contacts the 90 ° reversing track, The lifting mechanism continues to lift the entire vehicle to a certain height, which in turn drives the dual side driving motion module that is fixedly connected to the entire vehicle to move up, detaching from the original motion track, and completing the reversing operation of the entire vehicle. The lifting mechanism is fixed on the top of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod inside the vehicle body, which is not only responsible for lifting the pallet unit cargo during transportation, but also the main load-bearing mechanism for the pallet unit cargo.

Core Technology of HEGERLS Tray Four way Shuttle System (III)

The HEGERLS tray four-way shuttle system also has a core technology of fault recovery, which is also the most concerned issue for customers in various enterprises. Hebei Woke HEGERLS provides a reasonable one click recovery solution for software failures, as well as a disaster preparedness plan for HEGERLS hardware recovery, such as emergency backup power supply, fault rescue vehicles, manual troubleshooting isolation networks, etc., as well as a certain reserve of spare vehicles for customers. This can not only cope with the abnormal increase in customer inbound and outbound orders, but also replace faulty vehicles in a timely manner.

After years of technological updates and practice, the HEGERLS pallet four-way shuttle car from Hebei Woke has greatly improved in speed, efficiency, and reliability. It has good compatibility and matching with automated tunnel stackers, elevators, etc., ensuring the high reliability of the overall selection system, system operation efficiency, and quality. For enterprise users with HEGERLS tray four-way shuttle dense warehouses, Hebei Woke HEGERLS needs to remind them that the selection or construction of a three-dimensional warehouse with the main logistics technology needs to be determined based on factors such as customer specific needs, region, geographical environment and operational environment, investment and operational costs, operational efficiency, supplier qualifications and the quality of completing actual cases, and the reliability of the selected system.

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